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God is on the move in central Minnesota- Yea!!  Our lives have been full with preparation and changes to ready us for the new season He is bringing us into.  We believe He equips where He calls, and we can now look back over the past years with all the difficulties and successes, and marvel at how He has been using everything for our good, to equip us for what He has called us to birth and carry.

For some time now, the Lord has put a vision on our hearts for an equipping center in our region.  “An equipping center?” you say.  “What’s that?”  Well, I’m glad you asked. ( :

It is a multi-faceted approach to creating a place where lives are transformed. It is a training and resource center for people to come and learn, experience, and apply the message of the gospel of the kingdom, so that they are sent out to live the lifestyle in everything they do and change the culture everywhere they go.  We believe the gospel is a message to be lived- we are to become the message and the carriers of reform wherever we go.  Essentially, our aim is to equip an army, whose weapons are love, honor, and the power of God (among others), to advance the Kingdom of God in all of their places of influence.  Twelve men changed the world.  We burn to help people realize and enter their destinies so that they can have the same effect, and in doing so experience true freedom and joy.


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