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Encounter - Envision - Equip - Empower

Welcome to Eden!!  We’re excited you’re here and want to hear more!  Basically, I think the way Steve put it once, is that Eden is our “Sunday morning God party”.  Another term for it is church.  But before that puts too many ideas and images in your mind, let’s start right off by saying that Eden really is somewhat “experimental”.  We are leaning into The Lord’s Voice at every turn and doing only what He is directing us to do.  In fact, it may not end up looking like what you think “church” looks like at all.  And it probably will be different every single week!  So cast off your expectations and join in the adventurous venture God has named, “Eden”.


Eden has a beautiful story of how God has brought her into being.  We will share more about that sometime, but for now we’ll just say that this truly is God’s baby and we expect that He is going to do great things!!

What You Can Expect

The list of “what you can expect” in Eden is actually pretty short (other than for God to be good and His Presence to be manifest). Things will be changing all the time. But there are a few things that characterize who we are that will remain the same… at least for a little while…


We’re a “come as you are” kind of place, but that looks different for everyone. So feel free to express your style or come in your jeans and t-shirt cause it won’t matter to us, as long as your heart is ready to go deeper with God (and love the rest of the body around you too).


Family Emphasis
God has laid it on our hearts to do “this” family style. We feel it is important that families spend time together, and that is especially true for Sunday mornings. We want to be about equipping families to serve, worship, and grow in the Lord together, and empower parents to take this outside of church to be their children’s primary spiritual trainer. We strongly believe that Holy Spirit doesn’t come in “junior size” and that all ages have something to offer as we gather corporately. Though it takes honor to value another’s contribution that looks different than your own, it is important that we find that place for one another.
Furthermore, we have been asked to establish this value for family as a priority and to allow time for families to nurture their connections with one another. Therefore, to help combat the “busy-bug”, we will not meet the first Sunday of every month to allow for Family Connect Time.


God is really, really, REALLY good, and in His Presence is fullness of JOY! We expect God’s Presence in Eden, therefore we can expect the fullness of joy! Hang on to your hats cause it just might get happy here!!

When and Where Details…

So if this (ad)venture sounds like something you are interested in, we meet at 10:00 on Sunday’s.  Feel free to come join in, or email with any questions you may have:

On the bottom of our Home page is a map to our campus. 

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